Tom Davenport and I helped to put together the first session of the Data Economy Institute (DEI) which was held September 30th.

DEI is a forum for members to co-develop, and then apply, data economy transformation best practices in an open, vibrant, and diverse community. Its goal is to make its members globally recognized experts in data-driven transformation and work – disciplines at the center of value creation in today’s economy. DEI is moving to sponsor additional forums and to do applied research.  Here’s The Data Economy Institute Charter.  

The event was hosted by State Street at their headquarters in downtown Boston.  The 45 participants came from several sectors including publishing, finance, professional services, information technology, heavy industry, non-profits, and retail.  The Data Economy Institute Workshop Agenda

Of course, my focus was on how organizations transform themselves to the data economy : what are the cultural, behavioral and mindset changes necessary and how can front-line employees be involved at the outset to increase the chances for successful adoption.  Here’s the presentation I gave before opening up the session to the panel  Transforming to the Data Economy.

Speaking of my panel, it was quite distinguished!  It was made up of: Adarsh Desai , Program Manager, Innovation Labs, World Bank; George Roumeliotis , Senior Data Scientist and Data Business Partner, Intuit; JR Lowry COO, State Street Global Exchange; and Steve Todd , Fellow and Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, EMC.

I enjoyed reconnecting with old colleagues and meeting new ones. I was impressed with the energy of the room and the group’s dedication to smart experimentation with data economy concepts.

If you’re interested in participating in future DEI events, or know somebody who might be, reach out and I’d be happy to provide more information.

Cheers, Bruce

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