Friend and colleague T.J. Elliott is one of the most thoughtful and erudite senior executives you could imagine. He is currently the Chief Learning Officer and head of HR for the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Over the last several months T.J. has been taking time out of his incredibly busy day to write what he calls his “15 Thank Yous,” recognizing people and their contributions to his own development as a thought leader. Each thank you is rich with T.J.’s own insight and commentary.

If you are interested in obtaining a deep understanding of the learning organization, this series will be an invaluable guide. And I would offer that it should be required reading for anyone starting a career as a Chief Learning Officer.

My co-author J.C.-Spender and I were humbled and gratified to have our work recognized in T.J.’s “Thank You #8”. In it, T.J. focuses on how we argue firms should create strategy under uncertainty. It’s a tribute to T.J. that as I read the post about our book I myself learned more!

T.J. isn’t yet done with the series; I eagerly await the next installment. You should too.

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