Mary Lee Kennedy, J.-C. Spender, and I are thrilled to announce the creation of the Network Leadership Group. We are the core of a broader network of extraordinary practitioners in the fields of leadership, organizational development, transformation, and knowledge management and collaboration.

We are dedicated to helping leaders create energized, scalable, and resilient work-based networks. We provide them the tools, techniques, and guided experience to master this new type of leadership. The benefits are great:

• Amplified and accelerated innovation
• Derisked major organizational change
• Better collaboration and effective knowledge management

The organizing principle to everything we do is that “work is social.” Of course, work has always been a social endeavor. Successful leaders understand that managing people is not managing transactions. It is a uniquely human activity, fired by imagination and informed by social and personal values.

Work has always been social. But in today’s economy, the social context has been enriched by the notion of social networks. More and more work is done today through them. Work-based social networks are smarter, faster, and more resilient than the dominant hierarchical command-and-control model.

But to realize the benefits of social networks, leaders have to manage with a social networking mindset. Management thinker Peter Drucker famously said: “Accept the fact that we have to treat almost anybody as a volunteer.” His assertion has never been more germane. In today’s work place, participation – at least of the fully engaged kind – is given and not commanded.

While the Network Leadership Group is new, our work in networked leadership is not. We’ve been practicing the concepts, and writing about them, for years. The Network Leadership Group is our commitment to focus on this work and bring our expertise under one roof so that we’re in the best possible position to bring the benefits of networked leadership to our clients.

We look forward to serving you.

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