We believe managing people is not managing transactions. It is a uniquely human activity, fired by imagination and informed by social and personal values. Meaningfully engaging employees in business innovation – giving them the opportunity to master their careers, affording them the chance to shape their workplace, helping to provide them with a sense of purpose and belonging – is not just an effective managerial technique but also a noble calling. Our clients feel the same way.
Bruce A. Strong is an author, consultant and the Founder of the Network Leadership Group. He works with the senior leaders of global organizations and is a featured speaker and lecturer on change, innovation, strategy, and knowledge management. He cofounded systems integration firm Context Integration (that grew to more than $250 million in sales) for which he was written up in Fortune and Fast Company magazines.
Mary Lee Kennedy is a Senior Associate with the Network Leadership Group. She partners with organizations to build strong communities that take full advantage of the information landscape and positions them for the future. She was director of Knowledge Networks at Microsoft, Senior Associate Provost at Harvard, and most recently, Chief Library Officer at the New York Public Library.
J.-C. Spender is the Network Leadership Group’s Scholar in Residence. He had earlier careers as a nuclear engineer and management consultant. Like Bruce and Mary Lee, JC was a pioneer in the relatively new field of knowledge management. JC continues to write and lecture about business model innovation and strategy as a deep theorist and as a strategist's strategist. He provided the intellectual backbone of our book Strategic Conversations, which underpins much of our work.