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1) Employees are familiar with organizational strategy:
Not at all 1 <----> 10 Very familiar

2) Truth can speak to power:
Watch your back 1 <----> 10 Candor is celebrated

3) Transformation is a continuous process:
Too painful to do often 1 <----> 10 We undertake change as necessary

4) Employees share ownership of the strategy with management:
Not at all 1 <----> 10 Real partnership

5) To suggest or make business changes…
Better go through the hierarchy 1 <----> 10 Take initiative with like-minded employees

6) The business changes you're trying to make require new behaviors:
Just changing some processes 1 <----> 10 Need to change minds

7) Leadership is present in the minds of employees as they take action:
Actions divorced from leadership 1 <----> 10 Employees ask themselves, what would leadership do?

8) Once the strategy is set, leadership follows through on it:
Never clear what the strategy is 1 <----> 10 Leadership is steadfast

9) Leadership considers itself to be:
All knowing 1 <----> 10 Humble about what it knows

10) Transformation for your organization is:
Painful & error-prone 1 <----> 10 Enriching & successful

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