Learn how your organization can use strategic conversations to transform transformation from a failure-prone, spirit-crushing exercise into a process that efficiently engages the imagination and energy of all participants.

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  • Strategic Conversations shows that successful strategies aren't the product of a regimented, top down process, but of passionate conversations constructed by leaders who know how to listen.
    —Sindri Anderson, Managing Partner, Enact Global Consulting
  • In health care, innovation that makes a difference is rarely the product of a single individual - it takes a team. Strategic Conversations shows how to engage a range of stakeholders, from employees to external partners, to create business-model-enhancing change.
    —Naomi Fried, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children's Hospital
  • The financial markets are increasingly complex and challenging. There is no room for slack in the system. We have to tap into our greatest asset - the intelligence of our employees... Strategic Conversations provides managers [with] a guide for engaging employees directly to become active contributors.
    —James Hardy, COO Global Markets, State Street
  • It takes a few entrepreneurs to start a business. Sustained success needs many entrepreneurs. Strategic Conversations shows how great companies create and sustain a culture of employee entrepreneurship.
    —Tony Lent, Senior Managing Director, Wolfensohn Fund