Our knowledge management services help organization achieve:

  • Acceleration of time-to-value through better knowledge dissemination and engagement
  • The ability to tap an efficient corporate “social computer” to answer questions, find resources, and avoid having to reinvent the wheel
  • The ability to rapidly form volunteer efforts from motivated employees to create new and valuable knowledge
  • Engagement with employees who are more educated and satisfied with their work experience
To promote the creation of knowledge, we help organizations realize:

  • Cross-team innovation involving customers, suppliers, and other constituents (we call these innovation communities)
  • Thought leadership
  • The ability to sense environment changes and operationalize new processes

To promote the use of existing knowledge we help organizations enhance:

  • Knowledge capture and retrieval
  • Learning strategies
  • Expertise location
  • Communities of Practice
  • Lost knowledge strategies
  • The branding of the organization’s knowledge capabilities

And to create an environment where knowledge management can thrive we help organizations:

  • Promote the right cultural messages and behaviors
  • Embed knowledge management into the organization’s key processes
  • Promote effective collaboration (including through social tools)
  • Choose and implement appropriate technologies
  • Institute effective KM governance
  • Choose appropriate metrics to measure and improve the KM program