Consulting Services
Through our Consulting Services we help organizations adopt suitable transformation tools and techniques to smooth the journey. We help our clients transform transformation from an episodic, failure-prone process to one that is continuously enriching.

Leadership Workshop

The Strategic Conversations Leadership Workshop is an intense, one-day action learning engagement designed to reveal how leaders can significantly enhance their organization's ability to drive business model innovation and organizational change. [More Details]

Implementation Program

The Strategic Conversations Implementation Program (SCIP) is a six-month engagement designed to enhance significantly participants’ ability to programmatically drive business model innovation and organizational change. It is a guided learning process in which 2-3 business model innovations are conceived and executed. [More Details]

Knowledge Management

In an economy where value is derived through the creation, acquisition, and use of knowledge, not managing knowledge processes is like not managing cash flow. Our knowledge management services help organizations manage knowledge dynamically and effectively. [More Details]