Organizations need to adapt and innovate – and do so continuously – to stay in the running. The problem is that 70% of transformation efforts fail to meet their goals. And even the 30% that “succeed” are prone to take too long, cost too much, and make everyone involved miserable.

    The Breakthrough Change System has cracked the code. It transforms transformation from an onerous, episodic, and failure-prone process to a continuous one that enriches both the organization and participants. And success rates are closer to 80%.

    How is The Breakthrough Change System different? 

    • It advocates neither top-down management – which is slow, political, and engagement-killing – nor bottom-up efforts, which tend to be chaotic. Rather, it fosters a networked, scalable conversation between management and staff focused on performance and results.
    • It engages untapped staff expertise and energy – the smarts of those closest to customers, suppliers, and competitors – to create change that both management and staff own.
    • It focuses staff expertise and energy, using a rigorous proven methodology, so that the right change is conceived, designed and implemented faster, cheaper, and with less risk.

    What are the results?

    • Change that is fit-to-purpose because it is co-designed by the people who need to implement and live it.
    • Change that happens faster without the conflict inherent in top-down change management processes. (In fact, staff often become the change’s strongest advocates.)
    • Radically improved engagement through honoring staff intelligence and providing employees the opportunity to achieve professional mastery and shape their workplace.

    Where has The Breakthrough Change System been successfully used?

    • It has helped one of the world’s largest and most prestigious library systems to better serve its patrons by adapting to the information and social challenges of the 21st century.
    • It was used to introduce socially-networked knowledge management practices to a venerable, but traditionally hierarchically-managed, global engineering firm.
    • It was how, on its 20th anniversary, the leadership and staff of a prominent non-profit revitalized the organization with an updated purpose and direction.
    • It was the inclusive process used by the information technology group of a major financial institution to revamp how it supported the firm’s global markets traders.

    The Breakthrough Change System can be used for a single change effort but is most powerful when employed to transform the very way the organization does change. It is a mindset and process that helps organizations quickly build a continuous, performance-enhancing, change practice.

    Today, innovation is the coin of the realm. In our experience, all change has the potential to be breakthrough change. The Breakthrough Change System can help your organization innovate continuously by making change an integral and desired part of its culture.