Network leaders significantly enhance decision-making and innovation by making them the shared responsibility of staff and those at the top. The key to network leadership is managing organizational conversations so that they have a laser-like focus on removing constraints, aren’t hampered by the hierarchy, and are inclusive.

Network leaders tap into the smarts and energy of staff by providing a highly desirable work environment, one where all staff have the opportunity to achieve mastery, autonomy, purpose, and belonging. This environment creates a virtuous cycle for participants and the organization:

Networked leadership:
  • Is highly scalable: networked-based managed conversations can scale to hundreds of thousands
  • Doesn’t require reorganizations: the hierarchy is still used for decision-making
  • Involves little incremental cost: it releases staff and partner energy to achieve organizational goals
The results are much greater buy-in and strategic advancement. According to our research and a corroborating McKinsey study, organizations can move from 30% to nearly 80% transformation success rates using these techniques.