We enjoy speaking on the topic of network leadership. We aren't inclined to lecture. We think our audiences prefer interactive sessions where we introduce material and then have real conversations about it. After writing a book on strategic conversations monologues are out!

Here are some topics on which we could have a conversation with you:

Transforming Transformation through Network Leadership
How to create passionate networks of employees and partners to deploy better business models faster (and cheaper.)

Transforming Public Institutions and Communities through Network Leadership
Working with mission-driven public institutions and communities presents leaders with significant opportunities and unique challenges. Network leadership provides the tools and behaviors to thrive in an environment where collaboration and community engagement is critical.

Network Leadership in the Knowledge Economy
Organizations can better manage knowledge acquisition, sharing, and use in a social networked world by creating internal and external knowledge networks where work-based conversations continuously improve market judgment and understanding.

“When Bruce came to address our network of new product developers and innovators at Education- al Testing Service about how to generate better business models faster and with greater certainty, I was struck just as much by the engagement he fostered and the productive conversations he sparked. His value to us lay not just in what he had to tell us about business model innovation but perhaps more importantly in his ability to create a dialogue about why we should care about the subject and what we might do next. When Bruce left, his lessons remained as blueprints for action.”

—T.J. Elliott, Chief Learning Officer, Educational Testing Service