Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • be able to explain how their organization can create and implement better business model innovations faster, with lower levels of investment, and with significantly higher levels of employee engagement.
  • have assessed their own organization’s transformation capacities and the actions that could be done to improve performance.
  • have created a roadmap for immediately applying what they’ve learned to current business model innovation challenges.

Workshop Components
The workshop will be highly interactive, and will engage participants in the following:

  • The organizational transformation crisis and its root causes.
  • The strategic conversations framework for creating and implementing business model innovations.
  • A review of how other organizations have used strategic conversations to advantage, and reflections on how participants can apply these examples in their own situations,
  • A guided self-assessment of the participant’s organization transformation capacity along six dimensions, including a risk analysis of using, and not using, strategic conversations.
  • An exploration of where strategic conversation experiments could be implemented immediately, and how they would be structured.

Workshop Outputs
The participants and the workshop sponsors will receive two reports:

  1. The Transformation Capacity Assessment report, noting the organization’s strengths and challenges in implementing strategic conversations.
  2. An 6-month implementation roadmap that applies what has been learned at the workshop by executing business model innovation prototypes, with phases, roles, and outputs clearly defined