The Network Leadership Group offers coaching and structured action-learning programs that improve agility and performance by preparing leaders to build energized, scalable and resilient work-based networks.
We work with organizations to:

  1. amplify and accelerate innovation by engaging staff and partners, the people who interact with customers and competitors every day
  2. derisk major organizational change by having participants own it
  3. enhance the value of knowledge management & collaboration by embedding them in people’s work

To help realize these benefits, we offer these services:

The Network Leadership Workshop

An intense, one-day hands-on engagement that gives leaders the tools to create highly motivated networks of staff and partners. Once in place, these networks significantly enhance their organization's ability to drive business innovation and organizational alignment.

The Network Leadership Program

An action learning engagement in which one or more business innovations are conceived, designed, and executed. It is a guided learning process, supported by coaching around a clearly defined set of tools, designed to dramatically improve the organization’s ability to drive business innovation and its adoption.

Networked Knowledge Management & Collaboration Advisory Services

In an economy where value is derived through the creation, acquisition, and use of knowledge, failure to harness organizational smarts is not an option. Our networked knowledge management & collaboration consulting services ensure that these critical capabilities facilitate market success and support continuous innovation.